Mhamed Hassine Fantar Historien-archéologue .Professeur émérites des universités.

Son œuvre se veut polygonale à facettes qui, multiples et diverses, s’unissent en s’ajustant pour créer une harmonie plurielle où la foi est faite de croyances, de certitudes, de doutes, d’inquiétudes sans pouvoir mettre fin aux interrogations. Sa profession de foi est loin d’être sans faille à l’instar de toutes les professions de foi. Mourad Elloumi se présente non seulement comme un créateur mais aussi comme un prophète, c’est-à-dire un agitateur culturel et porteur d’une mission ardue qui consiste à concilier les inconciliables : il psalmodie l’hymne de la différence.(Préface-Plaidoyer pour  le Manifeste du nouveau sur-réalisme. Janvier 2019).

Mhamed Hassine Fantar Historien-archéologue .Professeur émérites des universités.

Dans le Sûr-réalisme, il y aurait le manichéisme de la Perse avec Ahura Mazda et Ahiram. On y trouve le Yin et le Yan de la sagesse chinoise, voire les vérités toltèques de l’enceinte sacrée du Teotihuacan où l’on recommande la parole impeccable, celle de l’Amour et du Vrai. Le Sûr-réalisme s’en distinguerait cependant par l’importance de la liberté qu’il reconnaît à l’artiste créateur et par la participation positive qu’il reconnaît au rêve et à l’imaginaire dans l’acte créateur. (Préface-Plaidoyer pour  le Manifeste du nouveau sur-réalisme).

Oscar Coca Autor | Ilustración Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain

You seek conscience in your art. The material world and the spiritual world meet in knowledge. A place that lacks spirit and matter, which humans call art. Your work is dinamic and flowing in the static superface of the canvas. Great Mourad.

William Braemer Fine ART Miami, Florida 33127. United States.

Dear Elloumi, Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in the “World Vision Tour 2019-2020”  art exhibition, curated by William Braemer of Art Fusion Galleries (Miami) and Vito Abba of Abba Gallery (Florence).
Art Fusion Galleries and Abba Gallery have teamed up to create a traveling exhibition featuring 16 artists to be showcased around the world during a 14 month traveling art exhibition.
 After meticulous consideration, your artwork has been selected to participate in this very exciting and prestigious exhibition!
I look forward to hearing from you soon
Daniela Llanes. Gallery Assistant

Amel Arfaoui Auparavant Journaliste à TF1. Communication et Media training. Formation des journalistes.

La création du Sur-réalisme tunisien?
Un mouvement de peinture moderne!Bravo Mourad Loumi qui lance le projet !
Les temps sont propices a la deconstruction et reconstruction de la société. Qui sait , les Dali et Picasso naîtront peut être de ce monde arabe en chaos. Je le crois propice…
En créer un club de peintres et d’amateurs d’art, vous pouvez lancer un mouvement de Renouveau dont la peinture tunisienne a bien besoin!

Despina Tunberg Art Director at World Wide Art Los Angeles

Dear Elloumi

The Curator and Art Director of Despina Tunberg recommended you as an artist worth presenting in our publications, International Contemporary Masters, Current Masters and Important World Artists, three leading juried annual art publications presenting noteworthy artists from all over the world and also as an artist worth representing in major Art Fairs.

You approached the curator through Linked in and she found your work very interesting so she forwarded it to me.

James Richard Lucas  story crafter at Self . Las Vegas, Nevada

I believe in Ellloumi Mourad’s creativity!
Intellect, artistry and taste, your gift to the world.


JUNE 27,2018

AMSTERDAM WHITNEY International Fine Art congratulates you on being accepted to our distinguished Family of Artists. After carefully reviewing your artwork, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery’s Curatorial Review Committee has formally selected you to participate in our elite museum-caliber Representation Program. Our noteworthy Curatorial Review Committee was most impressed by your superb oeuvre which resonates with a profound visual narrative as you reveal a dynamic color palette. Your artistic journey in “LOVE ENERGY” is quite impressive and is a triumph of personal expression and imaginative experimentation of technique and texture. We salute you on your chromatically colorful “SPIRITUAL ENERGY” which reverberate with a dynamic textural sense and powerful visceral shapes. We were enthralled by the emotive quality of your “EMOTIONAL ENERGY” which reflect your fine talent and powerful fusion of color. Your compelling vibrant-hued “ISOLATION” conveys your unique artistic vision as you seize the essence of the emotional and physical experience. Our Committee salutes you on your oeuvre with its important visual narrative and its emotional link to the human and artistic experience. We are so pleased with your marvelous art and the positive energy of your stellar compositions.
We would be delighted to showcase your art in an exciting 2018 Exhibition at our GROUND FLOOR GALLERY, located at 531 West 25th Street.New York, NY 10001

-Dr.Sonam Dixit , IPC INDIA

Member at IPC International Court – IPC India Command.

Member at IPC International Court – IPC India Command.
I am astonished to see your explicit study on this subject and how aesthetically you delineated this through your magical fingers on Canvas . Now I don’t have words to admire you , Perhaps I would write” A Paean” for you one day 🙂 ( LinkedIn , July 4, 2018)

Irina Howard 1er Professional Fine Artist / Visionary Entrepreneur

 Your work is not just a visual expression; it is a piece of literature, philosophy and a musical composition. It is including all human adventures in connection with feelings, believes and ideas. Thank you!

Irina Howard 1er Professional Fine Artist / Visionary Entrepreneur

Your painting, Mourad is a deep story involving human knowledge and emotions, the past and present, order and chaos, cause and consequence. It is well done on many levels that I could possibly think of. The philosophy behind it is evident; your symbolic approach is interesting and clear to the mind. Nicely arranged all visual elements that gives an overall impression at first and then, when you start looking into details, it opens up in many stories that beautifully connected with each other. A representation of a well-known story in a timeless manner, connection to the present through space and importance, and relativeness to every soul surround the intrigue of an eternal question of good and evil. Your choice of colors is pleasant to the eyes, meaningful, and full of positive emotions. No judgment, but hope that everything may turn around and make us happy again. A truth and reality comes with a new perspective. Your artwork is a harmonic creation where all taken into account. Congratulations! You are found the way to overcome the history, reality, and following by extracting wisdom and offering a new vision, a new prospective, a new reality free from any forms of order. It is a harmony of opposites, combination of styles and forms of expression. Your concept is well written and explained. I am honored to support your Manifesto of “SURE-REALISM” My best regards, Irina

Kym Dolcimascolo ★ Art, Creativity, Life & Business Coach ★ Artist ★ Raising Your Creativity & Visions ► UP ► and out into the World★Région de Miami/Fort Lauderdale, États-Unis

Elloumi – Absolutely intrigued by your UMPTEENTH DIMENSION !!! I particularly am busy now thinking about the cohabitation of all dimensions to form this n-eme dimension. Most immediately, however, as I ponder the depth of your writing in the background, I am wandering around through your paintings which keep opening into new spaces … all of which make me smile. Thank you, Elloumi, for keeping my mind active and a smile on my face !

Gulnar Sacoor :Professional Artist-Lisbon-Portugal

Very profound… Unique experience….very personal. Congrats.

Jim Seitz Full Time Artist at Jim Seitz Fine Art Région de Nouvelle-Orléans, États-Unis

ELLOUMI MOURAD, wonderful painting. Wonderful meaning. Thanks for sharing . Your Paintings have always intrigued me. You have taken the symbolism in your work to a new level. By capturing the cohabitation of a variety of shapes and colors, while transcending time, it has impacted our consciousness, taking us to a new dimension. It will be interesting to see if we can apply this to other things in life. Thank you for creating and sharing this experience. My Best, Jim

Stillman Gallery

Simply wonderful ! Love the colors and and the balance. It’s mysterious and interesting from every point of view. Sincerely , Lulu clark. Co owner at Stillman Gallery.Las Vegas-Nevada.

Donna Morrison 

I love “The Nth Dimension” it is so very spiritual and eternal with a very real sense of classical composition! I couldnt help but gaze at it and allow my thoughts to ramble! So…my description certainly is far from poetic, but it is purely an emotional response!
That is Art! Bless you, Mourad!

Sharon Griffin Self Employed Artist

Thank you for sharing Loumi. This is a very interesting take on the visual arts currently represented. I’m guessing that the idea behind you work is highly
valuable and important to you! I’m sure you will get a very diverse and supportive response to your ideas and your theories within this group. Welcome to the Virtual Art Studio!

Magdalena Groszek Artiste, Loft 11 : Paris Artist

That’s really interesting Loumi, Steiner talked a lot about developing perception, Kandinsky used to go to his lectures. I’d like to re-read that

Dagmar Gögdün

This is an extraordinary surrealist paining with a wonderful harmony in shape and colours. I like it very much
Daniel Lopez Artist Educator at SSU Région de la baie de San Francisco, États-Unis . PrécédentSSU, Sonoma State University . Études et formations University of Southern California
Love this work and the ideas expressed in the manifesto. I full hardily agree. Dan
Phong Trinh
Expanding “field of vision”!.. hm! I am thinking of the exploring satellites with computerised cameras on their journey into infinite universe. I like the “understandable” and “explanable” vision or the vision that someone on earth can understand it.☺️!
Carolyn Smith
I just took a small course on Art History. Have any of you looked at that and why they were famous for what they did?

Dr.Sonam Dixit (Ph.D)

Dear Sir , Am so astounded to read this great depth of Surrealism , you prefered to said Sure-Realism, The indefinite dimensions of Human’s life , I perceive in various shades of colors , as I opt to say the Mysteries of Cosmos and Contradiction and attractions to each other are its natural , peculiar essence. I would say , Universe is a box , or Our soul is a box , a box in which we are travelling through one end to another. The Orangey Prisoner , I call , myself here , A prisoner of my own weakness , an apple is a kinda of infinite desires , However in such a mystical box , the various shades , I presume , the shades of human s desires and wants , they may be positive or negative , am engulfed by them , if I prevail upon them , I would be like a free soul , untouched from the contradiction of this life , A gate way of Salvation ! Life has various dimensions , still we are struggling , sometime to soothe us , sometime to feed others . Once I learn to subjugate my own senses , I would find myself in the Universe of Spritualism , rewarded and unconsumed ! Thanks so much ! Am so honored to see this impeccable art of various Dimensions. Much Regards !

Saralee Horsey. Visual Artist / Abstract Painter / Designer at .Région de Baltimore, Maryland, États-Unis

WOW ! Mr Elloumi Mourad, I am totally awestruck by your beautifully thought provoking and epic work !! You have collected past,present and future influences and put it all together for perfect preservation. I can only pray that your work touches others, with the same profound ,overwhelming emotion that it has for myself. I am immensely grateful for Souls such as yours and what it brings to the live of those that care as deeply as you do…May you always swim against the current, in your relentless struggle for all things vital to humanity… You are proof that substance and change are possible !! The struggle is real but manageable with ethical spirituality, courage and tenacity !! Great Brave Leaders shall always swim against the current and pursue dreams for the weaker multitudes

_James Richard Lucas
story crafter at Self
Intellect, artistry and taste, your gift to the world.

BS, MS Artist and Lecturer with Buffalo State College at Middle Early College High School BPS 415
I am grateful that there are still artists like you ELLOUMI MOURAD with serious Art and purpose. The profusion of bubblegum Art= all flash and no substance is disturbing

 Philosophy behind work historically has been of great import. But with the absence of movements in this time and the prominence of the individual artist maybe manifestos and philosophy have become obsolete. (I hope Not) Our fellow contributor ELLOUMI MOURAD has a very well thought out movement he has begun which aesthetically and intellectually I think shows great promise! We should all check it out!!!

Elloumi – You never fail to drop fresh & stimulating thoughts into my world! I Thank YOU so much for your aliveness and commitment to the depth of inquiry and the merging of thoughts & words & paint. Indeed, you paint a symphony of opposites and I hear it in it’s full surround sound duality. Beautiful Work, Elloumi!! Sure-Realism is breathing well!

I did visit your site and gad a long lok at all new works presented. Congrats, once again! Sure-realism will succeed. It is logical I like the idea and the thought behind

Fine Artist, Perth-Australia & Florence-Italy
Very interesting and noble initiative; it is something this world needs. I have no doubt that it will grow successfully over time. While doing my art studies I recall a debate I had with my artist professor about the meaning of Surrealism and since that project, I still have to this day, a quotation of Jacqueline Chenieux-Gendron attached to my easel that I take everywhere and it states the following: “Surrealism…wills itself to be a philosophy, but a ‘philosophy of life,’ a way of living and thinking, a madness of living and thinking which, refusing the world as it is–since the ‘real’ is often only a habit–proposes both to ‘transform the world'(Marx) and to ‘change life’ (Rimbaud), in a political and poetical rebellion.” Your initiative with sure-realism opens the door to delve into ‘realism’ in a different and possible more astute way

Visual Art Instructor and Artist
ELLOUMI MOURAD I commend you on a well written and thoughtful narrative on the “Sacred and the Profane.” A brilliant insight into the affects of popular culture on human nature and values throughout history. It seems human behavior has always been confused by sexuality and love, and the scared and the profane. As you stated, universal themes are represented in diverse cultures and are sometimes viewed positively or negatively determined by religious, cultural, and personal values . In understanding and respecting this diversity we can cross cultural borders and also perhaps come to a self-awareness of inner conflicts in our own psyche. This understanding of conflicts in ourself can lead to a greater tolerance of others. I believe any aspect of human nature can be depicted in a sacred manner through the sensitivity, insight, and intent of the artist. The painting is composed beautifully and expresses the human state of confusion when confronted by these opposite components of feelings in oneself . Perhaps this conflict of opposites is a necessary confrontation to achieve greater self-awareness and spirituality. Your theory of opposites presented in your original statement is supported by this painting and narrative. Congratulations.

Elloumi, you communicate your philosophy in words and painting quite beautifully ! Your project is very successful in pursuit of awakening a human consciousness in all of us. Congratulations on another successful project!

Stephen Carpenter .Artist – Owner at Carpenter Hill Studios
 Syracuse University Syracuse, New York
A very strong aspect of the essay and the image is the examination of both poles followed by a juxtaposition that cannot be separated. The old concept of thesis, antithesis, synthesis has been adjusted in your thinking and in your hands to show both as having positive (pro) and negative (anti) qualities- and yet a synthesis requires a summary which you provide in an elegant way. Your painting, on the other hand, embraces the same synthesis with an arresting visual result that is inescapable. You raise an interesting thought in my mind. It is not original. Cleopatra at the apex of her life with more material and prestigious wealth than she could utilize could not continue to live and took her own life so the story goes. The face of poverty, of not having enough to move forward and yet squandering the little that is there upon a deadly vice (cigarette), with an arm pinned to the wall of the image, yields the same result.
But you have used your talent and perspective to render both equally in the image. What that synthesis will eventually produce one can only guess. 

Laara WilliamSen  International professional painter, Art educator and Author

Yes, I agree that Ellloumi Mourad has created with authenticity and also his manifesto re his painting seems very worthy in it’s explanation. His art works are slices of emotions shuffled through different figure planes. I admire his art work very much!

Aro’ bhisma  learn and mature from the experience, field work, the teacher’s most valuable# INDONISIA

your work is a mirror of a life journey, almost approaching but for the pureness of self about the end of life ?,, can be studied more deeply .. i lift the hat for the value of art that you display … thank you best friend .