ELLOUMI MOURAD ,Professional Artist-painter
The mission of the philosopher, painter or poet , is to help build a critical sense

-True art is, the ART which seeks the truth, the whole truth, truth to create beside the real world, a more human world, it is the fruit of the creativity of the free people, it is the implementation of human creativity.
– I would recall that for me the mission of the artist is to act as an actor freed from any normalization, the artist does not have to stop at the stage of a passive testimony acting as a standardized or sacred optical reflexion (often marked by a personal background), the artist should act as a actor freed of all normalization, and his work should help to build a critical sense and push others to react, to raise awareness, launch the universal messages of love and peace over the world.
-The “sure realism” begins by keeping the path of our different roots, it enriches this impressive singularity in a certain conception of diversity. It is the best way to preserve the primordial identity in a group coherence, it is a harmonious cohabitation between the differences.
-Art should make possible what is needed. Art should be a factor of resilience. It’s my conception of art, it’s close to politics.
-Art needs wonders, art needs prodigies, where there is faith, where there is power, where there is beauty and love.
– “SUR-REALISM” would be a term to describe a sphere of existence, supernatural in its start, but sure-real in its outcome, it is a matter of expressing and producing a deeper reality, more extended and more complex than the reality of the present disconnected from its historical, temporal and spatial heritage, expressing one complete reality, RICH WITH ITS ALL DIVERSITY, without extravagance.

-The umpteenth dimension is conveyed through the infinite dimensional of the imagination that we have, it’s the infinite variable of the human awareness. It’s these dimensions of the human awareness that travel through time and space and that allow us to join the past with the future going through the present.

-I have an obsession! Give total freedom to the imagination of consciousness, travel through time and space, where and when we WANT, link the ancient wisdom with modern practices, synthesize to produce at the end a synergistic result

– The rich human and natural diversity has given me the opportunity to go for an immense internal trip, a trip that allowed me to connect the ancient wisdoms to modern practices. Nevertheless, I realized the possibility to be able to go from this fourth speed to that of the UMPTEENTH DIMENSION.

– Artistic creation: Is the creation should be only pictorial and plastic? , Or it should be also philosophical? How we can analyze and deal with complex, sacred or neglected subjects? And therefore, how can we attract and stimulate the attentions in order to create new situations of reflections? In my case I chose to join the subjects of the sacred and the profane, the simultaneously notion of opposites and separate. What appears coronation, forbidden , forbidden as subject with what appears outsized and will probably be rejected by classic artists as new technical approach ( mixture of several styles) .

-That’s how my paintings are inspired, by this experience of the real lived, that we share, by our feelings face to destiny, by our worries and our hopes, our doubts. That’s the mixture that triggered my inspiration.

-To realize one staff wish with this magnitude it must be sharing by many people. You had deeply touch one philosophical subjects which is first reported to the psychology of art, then, the ratio of the activity of thought with aesthetics. It is true that artistic creation is considered as the transposition of an impulse or desire of the artist and so it reflect the artist’s attempt to overcome his dissatisfaction with the creation of an object or space able to responding to his will and his dreams, mine is overcome with optimism the individual or collective totalitarianism in favour of freedom and democracy, the fight against discrimination for promote and valuing diversity ,,and finally to defend PEACE in world through its own conscious .Thus you explain, art is the result of a production human activity manifests a perspective, a style and a way.

– We have to seek what is called a “strategic analysis”, a gait of implantation assessment, a conceptualization of the action and particularly the search for a system of concrete action. When the artist seeks to inspire people, to please or to change the world, the scientist has to convince. To bring this creation and materialize it in other areas, we should probably join the ends of art and science

-LIMIT can be of different types (political, natural scientists, social or philosophical) and can perform different functions. To what extent is mine part! On the philosophical point of view the limit is the fact what you can not cross If limit is geographical, the line of delimitation or demarcation between geographic units of all kind separates the known space from the unknown world. In mathematics, the limit of a function is a point or a particular value, which approaching when the variable or the index are approaching to the point in question , this value and this point could be a real or an infinite. And me with my art I try to overcome the philosophical facts, has to blurred the boundaries between geographical areas and reconstruct values which do not seek to approach a single mathematical point, and therefore there is obviously no question we set limits in art.. Formally, artistic creation, in the democratic space is free, it can not be clamped