00-29-copieMOURAD ELLOUMI, born on the 27th – 6 – 1961, graduated from the National Institute of Art, Architecture and Urbanism of Tunis in 1986. He has been passionate about cinema, art and literature from an early age. He regularly participates in cultural events and especially the training of young people in painting clubs. Between two short rewarding experiences, one as the artistic director of a publishing house and press (Tourist Gazette) and the other as the responsible for his own communication box (Fine Art) ,he landed in 1988 in the world of education and dedicated himself to the education of fine arts in order to contribute to the development of freedom of expression and the creativity project at school. Thus he cultivated his passion for painting and made several solo and group exhibitions between 1992 and 2000 (Sidi Bou Said Museum, Gallery khayachi La Marsa, cultural center abdeaziz Djemail, cultural center el Menzah ….). His commitment to freedom of expression and the human rights deprived him for several years from participating in official exhibitions under the old totalitarian regime. In the aftermath of the “Arab Spring” the breath of freedom consolidates his career of an engaged artist .His recent thinking fits in this context and leads him to the exercise of a research that meets the foundations of a new plastic writing. The project of these recent achievements entitled “Synergy” is a plea to the manifesto of the new “Sure realism”.
He made several exhibitions in Tunis, He was recently invited to exhibit in several international events, in ROME with “flyer art gallery”, in NEWYORK with the Gateway art center, in MIAMI, SAN DIEGO and NEWYORK with worldwide art Los Angeles, in FLORENCE with the “IX Biennale of florence, in MANTOVA with the Mantova International Biennale and soon with the Metropolitan Gallery Art Museum- Las Vegas ,in April 2018.


-Selected to participate in 2018 International Masters Exhibition at the Metropolitan Gallery Art Museum- Las Vegas , February 17th, 2018 thru April 2, 2018.




-INTERNATIONAL CONSECRATION OF VERY HIGH LEVEL. He is honored by the publication of his art in a great volume of  Art Anthologies, the’Important World Artists II’ , which are one of the most authoritative sources of noteworthy artists from all over the world and a great chronicle of the plastic fine arts worldwide in the 21st Century.





-Selected as an International Artist at “Circle Foundation for the Arts” for the CFA Artist of the Year, 2017 Award.





– the Biennale of Nations , in Venice , March, 17 -19. 2018





-” Honorable Mention Award”, awarded by “Circle Foundation for the Arts” for the high aesthetic, technical and creative level of the new form of artistic expression of “sure-realism”. The Artist of the Year Award 2017 is made up of 1072 visual artists from five continents, and the Honorable Mention is awarded to the fifty best artists working in disciplines that encompass the entire spectrum of visual art.




– December 2018, his work is included in the art book “The 100 artists of the future” designed by the “Contemporary Art Magazine”.




Author of the Art book: THE MANIFESTO OF SURE-REALISM “Mixing the sensitive to the intelligible”

















Artistic distinction:
“Certificates of Artistic Merit” awarded by the Luxembourg Art Prize for the years 2016-2017-2018-2019 in recognition of the efforts made to participate in the selections of the mentioned editions.

– Honored by the appreciation of his artistic profile of the ART TRAFFIC certifications (“Start”, “Certified”, “Certified Master” and “5 Year Guarantee”) associated with the international site WeDigArt.